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Energy Efficiency

Vela Elektro Sol is an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Consultancy, dedicated to Consulting, Installation, Maintenance and Optimization of energy resources of the Homes and Business. Our philosophy is based on Savings and on Clean Sustainable Energy.. [read more]

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Save with Clean Energy

Optimizing your home appliances and air conditioning, improving the insulation of your home, using elements of home automation, and compensating the energy used with thermal and photovoltaic solar energy. You can save more than € 500 a year, and make more responsible consumption while caring Our Planet [read more]
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Saving Projects Business and Home

Vela Elektro Sol Consultancy and authorized Installer, specializes in Projects of Energy efficiency, in line with the new regulations. and in the implementation of technical inspections and maintenance for domestic, commercial and industrial area. [read more]

Since 2004 VELA ELEKTRO SOL develops Energy Consultancy in Andalusia (SPAIN).
It performs the Planning, Implementation, Optimization and Maintenance of Electrical,
Renewable Energy, Home Automation, etc., for domestic, industrial and comercial sectors.

The technical expertise and diversity of our services definitely marks the company and guarantees the best results. We belong to APIEMA The Professional Association of Industrial Electric of Malaga.

Our motto. “doing it right the first time” (DIRFT)

Quality is free. It is less expensive to do it right the first time than to pay for rework and repairs. Crosby, Philip (1969)

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Renewable energy

The energy is obtained from natural sources inexhaustible, because they are able to regenerate. This has given unstoppable momentum to our company for the search of technologies that take full advantage of these renewable energy and thereby reduce the human footprint. Our company is dedicated to the installation of the various technologies that involve the use of these energy sources. That allows us to use, solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biofuels energy as an alternative to conventional energy sources. […]

Electrical Installations

Although normally invisible are of fundamental importance for our everyday life. We realize when we have a problematic installation. Old facilities, not revised, renewed or that do not meet the requirement of current consumption. Electrical installations must be perform themin such a way that never endanger human and / or animal lives. Many fires in homes and industries are caused by electrical faults. To avoid minor or serious risks, it is important to have serious professionals and installations implemented strictly according to regulations. […]

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning HVAC

The Spanish legislation defines HVAC as giving a confined space conditions of temperature, relative humidity, air quality and sometimes also pressure necessary for the welfare of people and / or conservation of things. The HVAC comprises three fundamental questions: ventilation, heating, or air conditioning in winter, and summer refrigeration or air conditioning. A heating / air conditioning system, well designed, sustainable and profitable, provides welfare levels desired in our homes or businesses.[…]

Energy Consultancy

A study of previous levels of energy consumption in our installations for lighting, heating, cooling, pumps, etc. Provide us data to optimize performance and reduce expenses. Our experience in the past confirms that investments in improvements have short repayment term. This earlier study also serves to the organization and intelligent planning of the new installations. The energy improvement is mirrored in the improvement of environment.[…]


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