We are specializing in electricity reforms of estates, with an experience of over 30 years in the sector. As professionals we are able and committed to providing quality services, offering a prior efforts for improvements in infrastructure, leading to become energy efficient, improve accessibility and have a safe electrical installations and quality. We offer budgets adapted and updated, amortizing with interesting proposals. Meeting the needs of energy saving and security for people.

Voltage Regulation

Electrical installations for home
With the passage of time is always necessary to undertake changes to improve the security of your home. Whether they are cosmetic changes, major reforms, our highly specialized staff will offer the best guarantee for peace of mind for their loved ones.

We make a wide range of services

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  • Installations new housing
  • Electric Reforms
  • Breakdowns
  • Surge Protection
  • Installation of Lightning rod
  • Lighting
  • Individual Derivation
  • Telecommunications
  • Repairs
  • Increase in power
  • Changing voltage
  • Heating
  • Domotic
  • Security (CCTV)
  • Smoke Detection
  • Installation liaison electric power distribution.
  • Electrical, corresponding to general building services (power elevators, central heat and cold, pressure group, staircase lighting, etc.).
  • Rest of common electrical installations (swimming pool, garage, outdoor lighting, etc.).

We use the latest generation electrical equipment in compliance with all regulations.
We work with the best suppliers in the market and realize budgets as soon as possible.

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