Greener Heating with lower power consumption
The underfloor heating has been using since ancient times. In the beginning, it was to channel the combustion fumes under the ground in order to raise its temperature and supplying heat to the home.

Later, since the middle of last century, new facilities that were based on the transport of hot water inside a series of pipes embedded in the floor of the house began to be used.

At present, the development of plastic materials for the transportation of water, improving insulation levels and the ability to properly regulate the facilities allows users to enjoy a level of comfort, with underfloor heating / cooling .

This system enables energy savings by the possibility of lowering the dry temperature, of the ambient air, thanks to which there is a heated surface whose radiation is used to increase the mean radiant temperature. The savings that produces the drop in temperature of the indoor environment, depends on the average outdoor temperatures throughout the heating season. In most the peninsular territory of Spain, with normal external medium temperatures, saving this system can be estimated between 15% and 20%, compared with a radiator heating system, throughout the heating season.
See the video of how an installation is developed.

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