echnical Consultancy, the experience supports us with more than 15 years developing technical projects in:

Energy Efficiency
Energy auditing is the tool on which an energy efficiency plan is based. We conducted a detailed study of the energy consumption of the facility, allowing us to identify potential energy savings, improvement plan and carry out economic feasibility study. We also provide consulting services for the implementation of the best solutions for power generation and calculation of the necessary investment.

Project Management
Our goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of our customers. To do this, we define the processes and procedures necessary for the design and project management as well as the best tools for automating these processes. We perform risk analysis on each project from planning to implementation and commissioning.

Electrical Installations
We solve with solvency the study of all types of electrical installations, advise on technology to use and the most suitable materials for each installation project.

Experience counts

We are backed by 15 years of experience developing projects for individuals and companies in many different sectors. Providing research services, design, management and supervision of projects, thus realizing a comprehensive works management and energy management.[…]

Homologated certification

We perform authorized certifications, according to regulations and homologated inspection. […]

echnical Projects en:

Feasibility Analysis and Proposed Draft.
Projects and turnkey installations.
Inspection and adaptation of electrical installations, heating and climate to the regulations.
Management of permits and licenses.
Certificates and legalizations.
ltage electrical installations for industrial and tertiary sectors.
Distribution boards.
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
Installations in premises with special characteristics (Public Places, premises with risk of fire or explosion, etc.)
Photovoltaic solar energy installations Selling, Isolated and self-consumption.
lar thermal energy for hot water and heating support.
Energy management for lifting water and pressure groups.
Installation and management for treatment plants.
Public Lighting.
Capacitor banks.
Studies and project design for the optimization of energy systems, with advisory, management and control of electrical energy billing.
Study and measurement of quality of supply.

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