Wind energy is a renewable type, which uses the kinetic energy of wind to transmute and thus make a profit from it. Generally it used for the generation of electricity through wind turbines.
A wind turbine is a machine that converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy and this mechanic into electricity through a generator.

The kinetic energy of an air flow spins propellers of the aero-generator converting the kinetic energy into mechanical. Propellers transmit this mechanical energy through a transmission system called multiplier, which increases the rpm so that the alternator (usually three-phase) be able to work and generate electric energy.

The technology used today is based on horizontal axis wind turbines and rotor oriented in detriment of the vertical axis, which have a lower efficiency.
Currently, in the Spanish state three types of generation technology are mainly used:
Asynchronous generator with squirrel-cage rotor, asynchronous generator with double winding and synchronous generator. This latest technology is best suited to the requirements of the net due to its fast response speed, but requires more advanced equipment, so that the investment cost is higher.

Wind Power low powered.
In Wind Power low powered wind potency, there are two subdivisions, one is for less than or equal to 10 kW potency with domestic, commercial and agricultural applications. The second is for a potency of between 10-100Kw industrial application


  • It is a clean, renewable energy that does not produce any polluting waste.
  • It does not produce CO2.
  • It does not occupy much surface, so that the land on which the facility is located is suitable for other uses.
  • The generation of energy is close to the point of consumption, so avoiding loss of efficiency due to transport networks.
  • Allows the generation of electricity in remote areas of the grid.

Barriers to its development
Administrative and legislative measures:
Increased taxation purposes of Property Tax (IBI)
Increase the tax base in the Tax on Construction.
Installations and Works (ICICI).
Administrative problems for the authorization of R & D project.
Removal of subsidies.

Boletín Eléctrico

A Turbine: transforms the wind into electricity
B Accumulators are batteries that accumulate electricity.
C Regulator controls the power generation of the wind turbine and solar panels and battery status. Prevents overcharging and battery discharge.
D Inverter: converts the stored electricity in the form of continuous current, suitable for home use electricity: alternating current at 220 V. It can incorporate a battery charger recharging in case of have an external source, like a generator set.

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