ur goal for our clients is the reduction of power and energy demand on the network, without affecting the normal activities in a building, an industry or a manufacturing process.

This objective is achieved by:

  • Reduction of apparent power.
  • Reduction of active and reactive power.
  • A current reduction.
  • Unloading installadtions.

The energy audit is a prerequisite for any project to improve energy efficiency. This is a key step that allows you to take the right direction in the planning of the energy plan. The audit gives us information about where we are energetically, where we can go, and how we do it.

Audit / Optimization:

  • Studies and energy consumption decrease.
  • Revisions with thermal camera.
  • Electric power analyzers.
  • Cost optimization of hiring of supply.
  • Preventive measures for extension of life of facilities.
  • Preventive measures for the reduction of consumption costs.

With an energetic audit will be able of:

  • Understand of the situation of our current energetic consumption. Basing us on meticulous controls and monitoring all energy consumer components, we obtain a detailed plan of the energetic fluxes at the installations of the customer.
  • Indicate energy measures, to be undertaken by field. Identify all opportunities for energy savings. We have extensive experience in this area and guarantee, real savings potentials. We know in detail the latest technological innovations in energy efficiency, thanks to the permanent collaboration with leading brands.
  • An economic analysis with advice on energy management. We report the cost of energy improvements. We quantify the benefit to be derived from energy savings and payback period of the measures taken

Energy Saving and Efficiency.

  • Reactive compensation – Reduction of the bill, penalties and consumption (0, ‘9 & lt; cos Φ & lt; 0.95 produces losses between 6% and 10%).
  • Maximum demand control – download of facilities and cost reduction.
  • Harmonic filtering – Reduction of losses and increased level of U.
    Return 3rd harmonic is removed by the neutral wire.
  • Update control systems, lighting and improved engine performance.

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