By its nature and component parts, electrical installations are implicit potential risks that can multiply in cases where adequate control of compliance with applicable regulations are not observed. The consequences can be serious for the integrity of who manipulate, as well as the reliability of the facilities themselves.

Since 2003, it applies throughout the national territory the new Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations included in Royal Decree 842/2002, which in detail through its Technical Instructions includes all aspects to consider in the design, installation, commissioning , maintenance and official inspection periodic.

In various regions, such as Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Castilla Leon, Catalonia, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Navarra and Murcia; The regulation has been developed by own provisions as regards to official periodic inspections by Authorized Control – OCA. In some cases, such as Madrid, it has also regulated the registration, initial inspection and commissioning of the Low Voltage Electrical Installations nonindustrial by the inspection agencies and Control – EICI.

Initial Inspection:

Apply to:

  • New installations, extensions or modifications.
  • Existing facilities before entry into force:
  • Object of major changes – & gt; 50% of installed power (although the power is reduced)
  • When their status, location and characteristics a serious risk to people or damage occurring to other installations (in the opinion of Competent Territorial Agency – Industry)

Periodic Inspection:

The facilities to which it applies are set out in the RD 842/2002, in its Technical Instruction – ITC-BT 05 on checks and inspections.

Briefly, both initial and periodic inspections are listed in the following table:

Type of Installation Initial Inspection Periodic Inspection
Industrial Installations P & gt; 100 KW 5 years
Premises Public Concurrence All 5 years
Premises fire risk Class I, except garages less than 25 seats All 5 years
Premises wet P & gt; 25 KW 5 years
Swimming pools P & gt; 10kW 5 years
Operating rooms and intervention All 5 years
Outdoor Lighting P & gt; 5 KW 5 years
Common areas buildings housing P & gt; 100 KW All 10 years
The old facility will be set from the 1st date of authorization or later extensions or modifications of importance. Failing that, they can be considered other administrative documents confirming the start of the activity


Regulatory scope:

  • Receipt and review of the documentation of new facilities or expansions or major renovation.
  • Initial Processing and administrative registration facilities.
  • Initial inspection.
  • Periodic inspection official.

No regulatory scope:

    li> Review and audit regulatory status of electrical installations.

  • Annual measurement of land and equipontetial bonding.
  • Studies of quality of service.
  • Quality control in the execution of installations.
  • Thermography in boxes and lines.
  • Review lightning rod.

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