EVela Elektro Sol are specialists in preventive and corrective maintenance facilities in both public and private, guaranteeing clients the tranquility of being aware of the norms and regulations, safety in use and the quality of them. Safety does not end with commissioning of the facilities, but demands that is maintained throughout life, for which owners should undertake preventive interventions based on the realization of adequate preservation or maintenance and consequent revisions by technicians.

The owners or tenants of public access premises listed in Annex I (Order of January 31, 1990, of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, about maintenance and periodic inspections of electrical installations in public access premises), are required to have signed maintenance contract with installation company, which will conduct reviews at least once every three months write down review of them into a “Maintenance Registry Book and Review of LPC”; filling out annualy a Annual Inspection Bulletin.

The public access premises not included in the Annex I, should be checked annually by installation company, which filled in a Annual Inspection Bulletin.

The owners or leaseholders of operating rooms and intervention are required to have signed maintenance contract with the Installation Company, which perform controls (weekly and monthly), and an annual review, which fill in a “Registry Book of Reviews and Maintenance for operating rooms and ICU.

Inspections Performed by Accredited Control Agency

They shall be subject to periodic inspection every four years , the facility: the Public access premises and operating rooms and Intervention.

They shall be subject to periodic inspection every 5 years , the following facilities:

1 industrial facilities requiring project, with an installed capacity greater than 100 kW;
2 Local risk of fire or explosion, class I, except garages less than 25 parking lots;
3 Local wet with more than 25 kW installed capacity;
4 Pools with more than 10 kW installed capacity;
5 Outdoor lighting installations exceeding 5 kW installed capacity.

They shall be subject to periodic inspection every 10 years common facilities of residential buildings total power greater than 100 kW installed.

Vela Elektro Sol provides maintenance:

Solar / Photovoltaic
Heating and DHW
Plumbing and Solar Thermic
Air conditioning

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