Installation of Home Automation and Security:

1 Energy savings
Some examples in the implementation of energy management are found in:

  • Connection and disconnection of equipment for presence or timed manner
  • Regulation zones temperatures
  • Turning off the heat in the area where the windows are open
  • Control Appliance nightly rate
  • Automatic disconnection of different resources that are not being used
  • Monitoring of the use of energy resources of the property

2 Confort
Comfort is to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of the building.
Examples of applications of these systems are:

  • Use of wireless control (remote control)
  • Regulation of environmental conditions for areas
  • Automation of irrigation, depending on the weather detected by the system
  • Automatic activation by presence, remote control, …
  • Using information boards and management
  • Ability to reprogram easily change depending on the needs
  • Special attention to elderly or disabled

3Security (people & amp; goods)
The security is to prevent risks and domestic accidents. This section distinguishes between the safety of goods and security of people.

Safety of persons:
We find some examples:

  • Automatic Lighting risk areas (stairs, ..)
  • Turn off power plugs (small children, ..)
  • Issuance of telephonic notifications
  • Ability to connect to alarm central stations
  • Leak detectors gas or water shut off valves to housing in the event of leakage
  • occur

  • health alarm in case of older people especially (if unwell sends a signal to a hospital for example)

Safety of goods

    Intrusion Detection

  • Volumetric sensors (motion detected)
  • Sensor microwave frequency (detect noises of broken glass)
  • Magnetic sensors (detect the opening of doors and windows)
  • Video Recording Intruder
  • All these sensors can be placed inside the housing or perimeter surveillance.
Technical alarms

  • Fire detection
  • Leak detection of gas or water
  • No electricity
Simulation of presence

  • operation of certain equipment
  • On random light sources
  • Remote notice

    • Issue a telephone call in case of alarm
    • Notice via Internet

4 Communication
Secure and establish communications within the home and outside.
The possibilities within this pillar are:

    • Communication systems inside
    • Communication systems from the outside
    • Systems of communication with the outside
    • Connecting service providers such as TV, …
Application examples:

  • tele services (eg intelligent fridge)
  • Enable / disable devices using voice call, SMS, email, internet
  • Notice alarms outside
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Sharing pictures and sound through the TV screens in the house

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