In the sports facilities it is very important to reduce maintenance costs and involving a continuous demand for both water and energy. With the help of the latest technological innovations in efficiency lowering these maintenance and conservation is achieved.

Lighting is a section showing a high power consumption within a technical, school or sports facility, depending on the percentage of their size, the main use for which it is intended, and the climate of the area where it is located. This consumption can range around 15%.
That is why any measure energy savings in lighting will have a significant impact on costs.
It is estimated that reductions between 20% and 85% in electricity consumption for lighting, thanks to the use of more efficient components, the use of control systems and the integration of natural light could be achieved.


The sports facilities include large indoor surfaces that allow the generation of photovoltaic electricity and its subsequent injection into the overall network of distribution or use on site for lighting.


When the lighting of a sports facility is designed must be taken into account to calculate the area and values in this calculation, adopt indicators E H , E V U 1 , U 2 , G R . R a , etc.

In the area of calculation a grid that is distributed regularly and symmetrically on the full court, terrain or playing field it is organized. The number of grid points (nodes of the network) must be at least 14 x 21, for playing fields of minimum dimensions (65 x 105 meters), or up to 15 x 22 fields maximum dimensions (75 x 110 m).


  • Stadiums and sports fields: 200-500 lux.
  • Tennis courts: 150-500 lux.
  • Outdoor Pools: 100-300 lux.
  • Handball Courts: 300-500 lux.
  • Training Tracks: 100-200 lux.
  • Football stadiums competition with fewer than 5,000 spectators: 100-200 lux.
  • Football stadiums competition with 5,000 to 15,000 spectators: 300-400 lux.
  • Stadiums football competition with over 15,000 spectators: & gt; 600 lux.
  • color TV broadcasts: 1,400 lux. (In the meetings broadcast on TV in color, must have values greater than 1,000 lux.)

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